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  Club Trip: Tour of California: Stage 2 - 02/19/08

As soon as the route for the Tour of California was announced we looked to see if they would be coming back to Sacramento.  Sure enough Sacramento was back on the route for Day 2.  With that set we made plans once again to ride down and check things out.  We headed out from Roseville at 10 am and made our way to Downtown Sacramento via the North Loop trail.  We would meet up with the rest around the Capitol Loop.  Once there we proceeded to the vendor alley to check out the wares and take a few samples.  Team Jelly Belly was there handing out packets of sport beans, there were sport drinks, t-shirts, and even Maxis had a ramp setup with guys doing high flying stunts, it was very cool.

The weather was definitely on the cooler side compared to the previous day and it was forecast to sprinkle at any moment.  We headed over to the finish line of the circuit and found a nice spot at the 150 meter mark.  It was about 2 pm and the crowds were starting to slowly pour in.

Right around 3 pm it was announced that the Peleton was coming into view.  We watched them from the large screen monitors as they made there way across the bridge and then onto the circuit.  It was a thrill to see them coming down the stretch, watch them blur by, and then feel the roar go by.  What a thrill!  Three more times they did this until the final lap.

All too soon it was over and time to head out of town, why?  Because it was starting to rain.  Rain it did, all the way home.  But it was worth it. We'll be back again next year for sure!

Riders for this trip:
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Dave White
Met us there:
Dave Ferrell
Robert Smith

Pictures from the ride:

Looking down the vendor row.  They had the whole street blocked off this time. Looking at the leader board in front of the Capitol. At the far end was the Maxis demonstrations. It consisted of 4 or 5 guys on bikes flying... ...up into the air and over the ramps, stopping just short of the next vendor.

"I am specialized." If only I could have the wheels on display.  They were awesome, carbon fiber and expensive! I have no idea what this team is all about but the logo and truck were cool. We settle in and find our spot at the 150 meter mark, just a few clicks from the finish line. Devin, Connie, and Dave looking hip on the sidelines.
Robert checking out the line of sight. The escorts round the corner... ...with the pack right behind them. It's all just a blur. The peleton is already getting stretched out.
The Team cars bring up the rear. Here they come again for the 2nd Loop. The roads are very slick at this point. They're coming down for the 3rd and final loop. Coming into view.
They're heading for the home stretch. They're really strung out now. Team Jelly Belly!