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  Club Trip: Tour de Lincoln 2006

Saturday 05/13/06 - It was the 3rd year for our club to participate in the Tour de Lincoln and I know it won't be the last.  We met up at McBean Park at 6:45 am to begin the registration process at 7:00 am.  By 7:20 am we were on the rode and heading into the morning sun.  The big difference this year was the Sun City Loop was going to be at the beginning.  Some of us enjoyed having it at the beginning while a few would have preferred it at the end.  Soon enough we were on our way through the rest of the course.  At about 9:00 am we all had met up at the 1st Rest Stop and enjoyed the fresh fruit, drinks, and other snacks they had for us.  Soon enough it was time to get back on the road and head for Bald Hill.  For those that had done this before we knew what lay ahead.  For those that had never been it was a real treat to crank up that hill.  Soon enough Bald Hill was in the past and we were once again screaming down the back side.  Rest Stop #2 was upon us already.  The cool morning air was not as cool now and it was time to fill up on liquids for the next stretch.  After an enjoyable rest it was time to get moving again.  We made our way through the pastures and open fields and found our way through the rolling hills just past Camp Far West Reservoir.  After we dropped down out of the hills we found the roads had taken a beating from the winter rains.  Some of us would pay more than others with our tires.  There was now a bit of a breezy wind, but nothing like it was last year.  This was at least tolerable and didn't slow you down too bad.  Rest Stop #3 came all too soon.  It's hard not to really fill up at this Rest Stop.  It's lunch time and you really want to eat everything in sight, but the end is only another 7 miles, just get a little bite and then we head out.  We're really moving now, making great time, we're almost back to the park, you can just smell lunch cooking now, you can hear the grill hissing, wait, that's not the grill!  That's a flat tire!  We stop, change the tire, pump it up, and realize that we may not make it back on the tire that has taken a beating from the rough roads.  After another 20 minutes we finally get everything put back together and we head out for the final mile.  We laugh and joke at how close we came without a flat for the day.  The park is up ahead and you can really smell lunch cooking.  We load the bikes up and head for the lines.  After a fulfilling lunch we talk and laugh some more very satisfied with the events for the day, looking forward to the next ride.  

Riders for this trip:
Jerry Dougal
Dave Ferrell
Chris Gale
Lindsay Gledhill
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Robert Smith
Sean Smith
David White

Stats for the Ride:

Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 66.13
Max mph: 38.7
Avg mph: 16.7
Feet Climbed: 3,607


Pictures from the ride:

Registration  begins at 7:00 am. We start out doing Sun City first. Climbing the backside of Twelve Bridges. Beginning the climbs. Rest Stop #1.

Our friends at Sharp Bicycles Robert, Sean, and Dave at Rest Stop #1. Bald Hill, still here and still making it's victims walk up. Chris taking a break at Rest Stop #2. Christ taking a moment alone at Rest Stop #2.

Looking on at Rest Stop #2. The Peleton winds it's way around Camp Far West. Dave at Rest Stop #3. Dave and Chris leading the way of our Peleton as we head back to the finish. Sean and Robert are enjoying the wind breakers of the Peleton.
Ah, Lunch! Don't touch my food! Sean and Robert enjoying the spoils of the day. Chris, Lindsay, Sean, Robert, Connie, Devin, Dave, and David at the beginning.