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  Club Trip: Tour de Lincoln 2004

Saturday 05/08/04 - Well it was finally here.  We have been practicing for this trip for the last two months and it was time to see if that practice paid off.  For some it did, for others we could have used another two months to practice.

We met up at McBean Park in Lincoln, CA around 7:30 am and were able to sign in, get a map of the route we would be doing, and a little something to eat.  Then for the next little bit we just kind of watched everyone else as they signed in taking note of the serious cyclists, the recreational cyclists, and then there was the family cyclists.  It was almost as much fun as people watching at the mall.  There was a mechanic booth on site to allow us to make any last minute adjustments and then it was off to our routes.

There were a total of 4 routes to choose from and all of us had signed up for either the 41 mile route or the 65 mile route.  We knew it would be a long day either way and so we were off.  

The first stretch out of down took you through some very easy streets but that was only to get your legs warmed up.  Then it was the day of true endurance as we started to climb up Gold Hill and then the Ridge.  We went from an elevation of 400 ft to about 1,000 feet all in about 3 miles.  At one point the grade hit 13%.  So much for all of that training we had done, we need more!

After a quick down hill we were already at Rest Stop #1.  All of the rest stops were manned by the Kiwanis Club and I think we all agree that they were a very cheerful group who were very concerned that we had enough fruit, water, and ice.  

At this point I kept hearing something about Bald Hill, with a quick look at the map I could see why.  On the elevation profile Bald Hill goes from about 700 feet to 1,300 feet all in about a 2 miles.  Bald hill truly separated the serious cyclist and the recreational cyclists.  Most of the climb consisted of a 10% to 13% grade, it actually spiked at one point with a 17% grade right at the top of the hill.  Of course with all things that go up, they must go down at some point.  So on the back side of Bald Hill we turned off onto Mt. Vernon and had a straight down ride topping out at 35 mph.

With a few more miles up and around the hill we were now at Rest Stop #2.  Again lots of fruit, water, ice, and friendly people.  

At this point 2 of the routes had been following each other.  The 41 mile route was the blue route and the 65 mile route was the yellow route.  As you rode along you would see an arrow spray painted on the road to let you know which way to go.  At mile 24.7 the blue went straight and the yellow went right.  For those that were on the 65 mile route it was now a lonely ride towards Camp Far West Reservoir.

The houses were fewer in between and so were the cars.  After a long stretch that took us all the way to the reservoir it was then time to head back around to Rest Stop #3.  This was the last rest stop of the route until you made it back to the Park.

Heading down toward Lincoln the farmland became more green and there were many more trees.  We finally made it back to the park and then made the final loop that we take us through Sun City Lincoln.  We made it up and over the hill that we had trained on so many times before, this time it seemed all so small compared to Bald Hill and the 17% grade.

Finally it was time to head back to the park and enjoy what was to be the finish.

Some of us made the trip in the time allotted and enjoyed the barbeque, while others continued long after the course was closed just to have the satisfaction of finishing.  Either way I think that all enjoyed this Tour and we'll be sure to have it on the list of trips to do again in 2005, maybe this time we'll make it the whole way and in time to make lunch!

Riders for this trip:
Jerold Dougal
Devin Holmes
Dan Holmes
Connie Hathaway
Bryce Hathaway
Chris "Armstrong" Gale

Stats for the Ride:

Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 65.95
Max mph: 35.0
Avg mph: 13.0
Feet Climbed: 3,267
Cyclist: Dan Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Max mph:
Avg mph:
Feet climbed:
Cyclist:  Chris G.
Actual Time Riding:
Avg mph:
Cyclist: Jerold D.
Actual Time Riding:
Cyclist: Connie H.
Actual Time Riding:
Cyclist: Bryce H.
Actual Time Riding:


Pictures from the ride:

Getting signed in. Where did all these cyclist come from? Need a tune up? Gold Country Bicycle is there! Bryce, Devin, Dan, & Jerold ready to go. Heading up Gold Hill.
At the top of the Ridge. Just when you thought you were at the top it keeps going up. Rest Stop #1. Rest Stop #1 - Parking Lot area. Rest Stop #1 - Along Highway 193.
Going up Bald Hill, 15% grade. Dan nearing the top of Bald Hill with a 17% grade. Rest Stop #2. Heading north along McCourtney. Another view from McCourtney.
McCourtney. A real live cowboy with his herd! A quick glance at Camp Far West Reservoir. A view towards the Bear River. Thousand Oaks, mile 39.
Does anyone live out here? Rest Stop #3. Dan taking a much needed break. Heading South on McCourtney back towards Lincoln. Doing the last loop as we head east down Highway 193. The back side of Sun City Lincoln, Twelve Bridges entrance.
Coming around the front of Sun City Lincoln. Dan heading up and around the corner. Dan and Devin at the end, still standing.    


Directions for the Metric Century

0.0 - R - McBean Park 21.3 - S - Wise 45.8 - Rest Stop
0.1 - L - East Ave 22.0 - R - Wally Allen 47.6 - L - Wise
0.8 - R - E 12th 22.6 - L - Mt Pleasant 49.8 - R - McCourtney
1.0 - S - Virginiatown 23.5 - R - Mt Pleasant 51.8 - R - E 12th
4.5 - L - Fowler 23.8 - L - Mt Pleasant 52.1 - L - East Ave
4.6 - R - Virginiatown 24.1 - Rest Stop 52.8 - L - McBean Park
6.7 - R - Gold Hill 24.7 - R - Big Ben 55.4 - R - Sierra College
7.4 - L - Ridge 25.2 - L - Big Ben 56.8 - L - Twelve Bridges
10.9 - L - Hwy 193 26.8 - R - McCourtney 58.1 - L - Twelve Bridges
11.0 - L - Ophir - Rest Stop 34.3 - L - Camp Far West 61.1 - R - East Lincoln
11.3 - L - Lozanos Watch for 2 Cattle Guards 61.3 - S - East Lincoln
12.2 - R - Bald Hill 37.5 - L - Porter 62.5 - R - Del Webb
12.3 - L - Bald Hill 38.0 - L - Karchner 62.7 - L - Ingram
13.3 - R - Bald Hill 39.3 - R - Thousand Oaks 63.6 - R - Ferrari Ranch
13.4 - L - Bald Hill 41.3 - L - Riosa 64.3 - L - Highway 193
14.8 - L - Mt. Vernon 42.5 - R - Gladding 64.5 - L - McBean Park
15.9 - L - Mt. Vernon 45.0 - R - Manzanita