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  Club Trip: Sun City Lincoln - 04/10/04

Well it was a beautiful morning. Just a bit of cold still in the air when we arrived but that didn't last very long after we started up the hills. We were on the road by 8:30 am and heading into the land well known for it's little white balls and golf carts. Our first hill was a quick trip to warm us up with a little hill that had a 3-5% grade (most overpasses are a 3% grade). Then it was back down the hill around the bend and over to the Monster Hill with a mere 10% grade. When we finally made it up, around, and on top it was a 10 minute break for those that needed to catch their breath. Then it was a hair blowing ride down the other side topping out at 34 mph down the hill, what a rush! Then it was around and over to E. Lincoln Parkway, up around the corner back to Del Webb Blvd where we had just started. But there were some eager enough that they just wanted more! So it was back around the loop, a little shorter this time, but up the hill we went.  Believe it or not there were still some that were so eager to ride that they kept on going. Needless to say we are now going to start calling Chris, Chris "Armstrong" Gale.

We had the following on the ride this morning:

Jerold Dougal
Brent Kingsford
Jamie Kingsford
Devin Holmes
Justine Holzer
Connie Hathaway
Chris "Armstrong" Gale

Stats for the Ride:

Stats for first loop only
Max Speed: 34.4 mph
Avg. Speed: 14.0 mph
Distance: 13.31 miles
Actual Riding Time: 57:04
Climbing: 639 feet.
Stats for second loop only
Max Speed: 32.1 mph
Avg. Speed: 13.9 mph
Distance: 6.82 miles
Actual Riding Time: 29.28 
Climbing: 339 feet.
Stats for both loops
Max Speed: 34.4
Avg. Speed: 13.9
Distance: 20.13 miles
Actual Riding Time: 1:26.32 
Climbing: 978 feet


Pictures from the ride:

Heading East down Del Webb Blvd. Left at Stoneridge Blvd. Enjoy the ride down Stoneridge, it's a 10% grade coming back up the other side. Taking a break at the top of the hill. More rest time at the top of the hill.
Looking North West from the top of the hill. Looking South West from the top of the hill. Take a right down E. Lincoln Parkway. The main Entrance of Sun City Lincoln Hills. Make a right onto Del Webb Blvd and you'll be back where we started.

Chris "Armstrong" showing his stuff. Who's that bringing up the rear....Connie & Justin