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  Club Trip: Sierra College Loop 2008

Saturday 03/22/08 - The first group ride of the season.  It turned out to be a beautiful spring day.  No clouds, no wind, and plenty of up hill.  We got a late start due to Easter festivities in the morning but we didn't want to let that get in the way of a good ride today.  Doug joined us for the first time and we set out for the road.  We headed down Junction and made our way through Mid-Roseville.  Once over at Harding we got onto the Miners Ravine Bike Trail.  It looks like everyone else had the same idea because of all the traffic on the trail. Going up this trail is a great warm up for climbing.  The grade isn't too bad, it just inches up a little bit at a time.  Then right at the end you have to gear all the way down and then stand up to get up the hill to Scarborough.  Once at the end we made a right onto Scarborough and then comes the next hill.  Once again you have to gear all the way down and stand up to power up the hill.  Be careful not to gear down to fast or you're chain will jump off.  We came out onto Sierra College just as Team in Training were passing by.  Some of the competitors in our team just couldn't let that happen so we had to power past them and into the first down hill, fast, really fast.   

Soon we were going past the Community College and on our way through the construction zone.  They've cleaned it up quite a bit but they still have a ways to go.  Chris said there wasn't much room going through, I told him that there was at least room now, last year there was no room so I quite taking this route.

Once up and over the freeway we had a nice Peleton going through the flats and then it was the next climb of the day going up Sierra College.  This is a good stretch of a climb, don't be in a hurry, just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Traffic wasn't too bad as we made our way up the hill.  Once up at the top it was just a little dip down and then another climb.  Then you enjoy another screaming downhill.  This is the part were there was some confusion.  We were supposed to go all the way to 193 but some weren't sure so they headed up 12 Bridges Drive into the backside of Sun City.  Once up and over the next few hills it was a downhill scream from there.  

We decided to wait for those that got separated at the Wildcat Connector.  After about 10 minutes those separated came along and we headed out from there.  It was a nice ride from there all the way back home.

It was a great first ride of the season to get us excited for another great year.  Can't wait for more. 

Sierra College Loop at

Stats for the Ride:
Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 31.50
Max mph: 43.5
Avg mph: 18.2

Riders for this trip:
Chris Gale
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Robert Smith
Doug Kelly


Pictures from the ride:

The R5CC Jerseys at the beginning of the ride. Robert heading up Miners Ravine Bike Trail. Connie leading the way on the bike trail. No traffic on this trail. Connie and Robert drafting on Devin.
Taking a break at the top of the Ravine, Chris doing Yoga. Connie climbing Sierra College Down the other side of the hill. Robert taking a breather. Chris getting in the pictures as well.
Connie and Devin at the Wildcat connection. Doug meeting us back at the Wildcat connection. Back on the ride for home. Connie back at base with a nice cold one.