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  Club Trip: Sierra Century - 06/03/06

Riders for this trip:
Devin Holmes
Chris Gale
Dave Ferrell
Dan Holmes



Stats for the Ride:

Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Max mph:  
Avg mph:  
Feet Climbed:  
Cyclist: Dan Holmes
Actual Time Riding: 
Max mph: 
Avg mph: 
Feet climbed: 


Pictures from the ride:

It's going to be a warm day. Dan Filling up.   The crowds are gathering early. Devin and Chris are ready to go.

The photo shoot shot. Rest stop #1.      

    Dave at rest stop #2. Devin at rest stop #2. Glen at rest stop #2.
    Mr. Patriotic.    
    Chris climbing Hale...   Hale yes we made it!

      One more water stop. Chris at the last water stop of the day.
Devin at the last water stop. Chris leading out one more time.   Devin, Chris, and Dan make it to the end.