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  Club Trip: Sierra Century - 06/05/04

Many of us had talked about going on this trip but when it came down to the day only two of use were able to make it.  Despite that we had an awesome time.  The Sierra Century is a very well know cycling event.  It has been hosted by the Sacramento Wheelman Cycling Club for years.  The entire club is required to help volunteers, there are 750 members in the Sacramento Wheelman.  We started out bright and early at 6:20.  The half metric took it's own route while the metric had another.  In the first mile and a half a rider was already down.  As I rode by I could see blood and hear a lot of screaming.  I said a prayer for her and myself.  We would find out later in the that she broke her collar bone, broke 3 ribs, and punctured a lung.  Not the best way to start a ride.  The rest stops on the route were awesome, all of them packed with treats, fruit, sandwiches, Gatorade, water, and restrooms.  There were a total of 3 rest stops for the metric century.  Just around the time that it started to warm up we were able to complete the ride.  Next came the after ride meal, pasta, bread, cake, and all you can drink sodas.  A real great spread.  This was a great day thanks to the wheelman, we'll be back again for this one!  To read more on the ride take a look at this journal.

Riders for this trip:
Devin Holmes
Dan Holmes

Stats for the Ride:

Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 67.66
Max mph: 36.1
Avg mph: 13.9
Feet Climbed: 4,346
Cyclist: Dan Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Max mph:
Avg mph:
Feet climbed:


Pictures from the ride:

Arriving early in the morning. Look at all those cars. Heading for the registration area. Look at all those cyclists. Devin getting ready to go.
Dan getting ready to go. I'm drafting behind 134 and would for the rest of the route. Rest stop number one. Another look at rest stop number one. Here come those hills.
Did I mention the hills? Rest stop number two was even more enjoyable than the first. This was a water stop near the top of Ram Horns Grade. A beautiful view on the way down. The final rest stop of the metric century route.
Lots of shade trees at this rest stop. I loved to look at all of the shirts. Rush hour traffic at this rest stop. Checking out the map board one last time. The local park tennis court is now worth at least $75,000.
Which bike do you want? Coming back into Plymouth, CA. Father and Son finish again.    

Sierra Metric Century Route
0.0 - Locust Street and Fairgrounds 20.7 - R - return on SR 124 43.1 - R - Consolation St.
0.1 - L - Main Street 21.1 - L - SR-104 (Main St) 43.4 - S - becomes Rams Horn Grade
0.1 - S - Old Sacramento Rd 21.2 - R - SR-104 (Preston Ave) 46.1 - S - becomes Shake Ridge Rd.
6.3 - L - SR-16 21.3 - R - SR-124 ({Plymouth Hwy) 49.2 - L - Fiddletown Road
8.1 - R - Carbondale Road 23.4 - R - Sutter Ione Rd 60.1 - R - Jibboom St. (Fiddle Town Rest Stop another park)
10.7 - L - Irish Hill Road 30.2 - R - Spanish St 60.1 - Fiddletown Road
16.4 - L - SR 104 30.3 - L - Spanish St 65.1 - L - CR-E16 (Shenandoah Rd)
17.2 - R - Five Mile Dr. 30.5 - L - N Ameilia St 65.7 - S - becomes Main St.
18.7 - L - W Marlette St 30.6 - R - SR-49 (Handford St.) 66.1 - L - Locust St.
20.2 - L - Sacramento St 31.0 - L - Church St. 66.2 - Arrive Plymouth Fairgrounds
20.2 - R - W Market St. 31.4 - S - becomes Sutter Volcano Road  
20.3 - R - SR-124 (S Church St) 43.0 - L - Pine Grove Volcano Road  
20.7 - L - Ione Rest Stop (Cemetary) 43.0 Volcano Rest Stop (A little park on the right)