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  Club Trip: Memorial Day 2008

Monday 05/26/08 - A couple of us had shot an email or two on the Club Group site and wanted to ride Monday morning.  The weather wasn't supposed to be the best but we didn't mind.  We got out there bright and early and made our way to the starting point.  From there we headed North over to Rocklin and then Lincoln.  We made our way through Sun City and still found no one out and about.  Robert pulled us all down 193 into the wind and we didn't dare drop out to have to brave it alone.  After a quick break at the corner of 193 and Sierra College it was time to start climbing.  At the top of the second peak we made a detour down English Colony and over to Humphrey, a much better route I must say.  From there we connected up with Taylor road and then headed North East.  We stopped for a quick refill at the local cemetery.  Some had to head back while the rest of us pushed ahead.  Under the rail road tracks we went via the Taylor Tunnel and then up and over the freeway to Climb Indian Hill.  Indian isn't a bad climb it's just a long gradual climb, always a good workout.  Once at the top it's a quick right and then a down hill scream fest on Auburn Folsom.  The nice part about this is the construction work here is finally done giving you plenty of room as you shoot down.  We managed to reach up into the 40's as we made our way down this quick stretch and the rest was a nice run.  The sun was out now and finally started to warm up but the wind was still there to keep things cooled down.  We made a pit stop at the corner of Douglas and Auburn Folsom to fuel up and then hit the road once again.  Instead of making our way down Douglas like we usually do we headed down Eureka Road and then made our way up and through the neighborhoods.  Brent and Kenneth peeled off here for home while Chris and Devin made the last stretch over the freeway to E. Roseville Parkway.  Chris peeled off soon after to make it too a family lunch and Devin hammered it home from there.  Another nice group ride in a new area we'll be sure to go back for more. 

Indian Hill Route at

Riders for this trip:
Chris Gale
Devin Holmes
Robert Smith
Dave Ferrell
Brent Duff
Kenneth Duff
Lindsay Gledhill
Stats for the Ride
Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance:  60.40
Max mph:  43.5
Avg mph:  18.3


Pictures from the ride:

Roads Hogs in the early morning. Robert, Dave, Chris, Kenneth, and Brent in the pace line. Taking a break at Sierra College Blvd and 193. Brent, Kenneth, and Chris pull up Indian Hill.  


Movie Clip:

Road Hogs: It was 7:00 am and not a soul to be found out on the Wildcat Connector this memorial day holiday, so we decided to use the entire lane.  We don't ride this all the time.... Click Here to Download Movie.