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  Club Trip: Garden Highway 2008

Saturday 08/23/08 - The morning started out a little on the cool side but more important was the lack of wind, it would be a great day on the bike.  We started at the corner of Baseline and Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.  This allowed us to head South on Cook Riolo as we made our way through the quiet morning farmlands.  Once through the Dry Creek Elementary school we followed the bike trail into the Antelope Neighborhoods and then came out onto Don Julio.  We followed this all the way down to Elkhorn.  Traffic was light this early in the morning allowing us to merge and then get up and over the freeway quickly and then onto Garfield.  This would take us all the way down to Fair Oaks Blvd.  We set our pace at about 18 to 19 mph and enjoyed the cool morning air.  Once down at the end of Garfield we made a left onto Fair Oaks and then a right onto Shelfield.  This took us into the American River Parkway neighborhoods.  As we headed past the park there were already people busy playing tennis. Once down and around we came out onto Arden Way and followed that into the American River Parkway.  

Here we made a quick pit stop, filling up on water, and using the facilities.  This is always our stop along the trail.  The trail was being heavily used this morning.  We would need to be careful as we rode along the trail with all of those walking, jogging, and running today.  After a bit we saddled up and headed out.  The air was still cool and even more as we rode under the many oaks that line the trail in this area.  As we got closer to Sacramento State University the foot traffic started to thin out and there was no one but us, until the old guy in the Golf Cart decided to cross the trail without looking, don't mind the bike doing 20 mph.

We picked up the pace a little and enjoyed the ride all the way through to the end of the trail.  This put us at Discovery Park.  We stopped here for a bit as well, having done 27 miles so far, to fuel up and fill up with water.  A number of others were stopping and starting their routes here as well this morning.

It was now starting to warm up and it felt good to sit for a few.  But that didn't last long as we heading up and out of the park.  We followed the road up and out of the park that put us directly onto the Garden Highway.  At the top there is actually a bike trail that you can follow for about a mile.  Then you come to an intersection that you cross the street and then follow.

The first thing that you notice along this road is all of the houses that are built right on the river.  It's amazing that all of these houses are here, and they're not cheap either.  Some are new while others look like they've been there for some time.  Oak trees line this way as well.  We saw just as many cyclists out this morning as we did cars.  There just wasn't that much traffic out today, which is just fine.

As we made our way along the road and under I-5 we came up next to the Sacramento International Airport and enjoyed watching the planes take off and land.  Just past the airport we had to take a detour route onto Elverta Road.  They are working on the levee and you can't get down to Riego right now.  Maybe next year we'll get through all the way to Lincoln when they're done.

After we went down Elverta we turned left onto Powerline and then right onto Riego.  By this time it was plenty warm and we were starting to notice a hint of wind.  Still not much to keep us down as we tucked in for the final stretch.  Brent and Jerry were now trading off on leading out as we made the final run.  Just before the levee road on Riego Jerry was out in front and got a bee sting on the leg.  Not much fun when you're just riding along.  One more quick break and then it was the final push onto Baseline.  Once back at the Fiddyment intersection we started to peel off towards our homes.

Another successful ride and a new route to enjoy for another day.

Garden Highway Route at

Riders for this trip:
Brent Duff
Devin Holmes
Jerald Dougal
Stats for the Ride
Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance:  61.2
Max mph:  28.2
Avg mph:  17.4


Pictures from the ride:

Heading out of Roseville using Don Julio as we go through Antelope. Brent following close behind. Garfield was our next road... ...taking us all the way South to Fair Oaks Blvd. After a quick right onto Shelfield we...
...enjoy the American River... ...neighborhood and then... ...we are on the American River Bike Trail... The trail was very busy this morning. As usual the close we got to downtown the lighter traffic got.
Brent keeping the peace. Jerry and Brent enjoying a break at Discovery Park before we hit... ...the Garden Highway. The sun has really come out now and we moving along. Some sections are newer than others.
As we road down the Garden Highway... ...we were able to enjoy the trees... ...fancy houses... ...the lack of cars... ...and every now and then an airplane would fly by on their way to the airport.
Once off of the Garden Highway... was time to head back... Roseville... ...via the lonely farm roads. We still didn't have much along the lines of traffic.
Taking one more break before .... Jerry leads us back home.