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  Club Trip: Foxy's Fall Century - 10/20/07

You never know what you're going to get this late in the year when it comes to weather.  But we really lucked out.  Despite the rain and cold earlier in the week we awoke to a nice day for a ride in Davis.

Many of us met up at the Davis Veterans Memorial Center bright and early Saturday morning checked in and headed out for a long ride.  The first thing we noticed is that it was a little on the colder side and you could tell that the wind was going to play a factor in the riding today. 

The route for the Foxy's Fall Classic takes you South from Davis and towards Solano.  It's a round about way to get there but the roads are fairly nice and plenty of room.  The groups remain fairly large all the way to the 1st rest stop at Elmira Elementary School.  At this first rest stop a number of us regrouped while others had already pushed ahead.  There were lots of things to munch on, refuel with, and liquids to fill up with.  The volunteers here were excited to have us and it was well received.

Soon enough we were back on the road pushing ahead.  At this point the route takes you North to Vacaville and then around the top of the city limits.  This is where the climbing begins.  Nothing too difficult but enough to get you to gear down and stand up.  It's been 40 miles since the beginning and it's time for a water stop.  Most are taking only a minute to refuel and push off.

We parallel I-80 as we move on towards Fairfield.  Groups are starting to break apart as the climbing continues upward.  As we've been going through the orchards and hills we've been fairly protected from the wind.  As we come around through Fairfield we feel the brunt of it.  As we make our way through Wooden Valley Cross the wind is head on and not giving up.  It's only about 10 miles an hour but it's that much more you have to fight against.

We're now 60 miles into the route and it's time for lunch at Wooden Valley School.  There is a large water truck standing by to fill our water bottles.  It hasn't been hot enough to use that much but it is nice to have it fresh.  There are sandwiches, snacks, cookies, and lots to eat.  There is a music DJ blasting the tunes for us.  There are carpets and pillows down to sit on, it's a nice break from the seat.  Soon enough it's time to get back on the road.

Back on the road we quickly realize that it's time to do the real climbing.  The other stuff was just a warm up.  The hills are longer and much steeper.  Of course that means that the downhill is longer and faster!  We follow along Highway 128 and make our way past Lake Berryessa.  Soon we're dropping down out of the hills and into the Lake Solano area, it's time for the last rest stop.

This rest stop was a little quieter than the previous because of the lack of music.  Time to refuel with a few snacks, chips, and refuel on the liquids.  The weather is still cool out, not warm enough to get rid of the arm and leg warmers.  The wind is still there but isn't bad.  After the rest stop you climb one more hill to head towards Winters.

Soon enough it's back into the orchards and farmlands of the Yolo and Solano area.  The groups have dwindled to only a few.  We follow along Putah Creek Rd a famous route for many cycling clubs and race teams in the area.

Coming back into Davis is a welcome relief because that means that the after ride meal is waiting to be consumed.


  • Dave Ferrell, Robert, and Marley lead the group for the fastest century route as they came in about 2:30 pm.
  • Laura and Hawley came in around 1:30 or so to finish up their Metric route.
  • Connie had a difficult time getting out of the gate with a flat that turned into a number of flats.  Despite that she made a mechanical nightmare turn into a solid finish for the metric century when she finished up around 2:30 pm.
  • Devin turned in a solid finish for the century route and finished at 3:30 pm.
  • Dave White had a difficult time in the hills but despite all those that he saw being sagged in he stayed firm and finished on his own power at 5:00 pm.
  • Lindsay did very well considering he is still recovering from a broken arm earlier this season.

Stats for Devin Holmes
Max Speed: 37.0 mph
Avg Speed: 16.3 mph
Distance: 106.7 miles
ATM: 6:32:41 
Stats for Dave Ferrell
Avg Speed: 17.71
Distance: 105.7 miles
ATM: 5:56:02
Ft Climbed: 3,495 ft.

Riders for this trip:
Dave Ferrell
Dave White
Robert Smith
Laura Smith
Hawley Smith
Devin Holmes
Connie Hathaway
Lindsay Gledhill

Pictures from the ride:

Gathering at the Vets Memorial Center early in the morning. Dave White looking chipper for this early morning start. Following Laura and Hawley out of Davis. Large groups heading out on the open road. And the race is on.
Nothing like slipping into a peleton. Rest Stop #1 at Elmira Elementary School. And the climbing begins. Do we have to climb that hill ahead? Rest stop #2 at Cherry Glen Rd off I-80.
Rest Stop #2 just a few miles away from Fairfield Cherry Glen Rd with the freeway on the left, heading to Fairfield. Gordon Valley Rd out of Fairfield. Climbing more hills. Rest Stop #3 and lunch!
They provided plenty of water and music. Looking around at the surrounding views of the lunch stop. The climbs are getting bigger. Climbing more hills. Highway 128 with nothing but hills.
Almost to the next rest stop. The last rest stop of the day at Lake Solano Park. Plenty of drink... ...and volunteers to help. Heading down Putah Creek Rd.
The orchards act as cover from the wind. Crossing Putah Creek via this well used art dropping. Coming back into Davis for the home stretch.