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  Club Trip: Bike Commute Month 2008

May 2008

For the third year most of the club members as well as some new club members participated in the Bike Commute Month for the Sacramento Region.  This event is hosted by many of the local and state governments as well as healthcare, coalitions, and even businesses.  All of this to support getting out there and riding the bike to work.  This year there were a number of incentives to get out there the main one being the prices of gas.  It was amazing how many more people you would see on the road in the morning on the way to work.  

Just like last year our club took this event seriously and recorded all of our miles each and every day.  It was fun to watch were our club stood each night.  You could tell that the competition was tougher this year compared to last.  Most times we were listed in the mid to upper 20's.  The numbers were much bigger this year than last as well.  Last year the club logged in 3,765 miles.  This year we logged a total of 5,015 miles.  But many of the other clubs logged just as much and more.  But after all was said and done we came out in the top 30's, a respectable number considering the competition.

Most of the club members participated in the Tour de Lincoln which got us off to a nice start but that's only a small piece of it. This year they added a few new incentives to the competition.  First there was the 500 club.  Once you hit this mark a fireworks lit up your browser, next a firecracker was added to your name for all to see. 

Here's how we got our miles:

  • Devin attended the Tour de Lincoln and was able to sneak in another event by attending the Lodi Sunrise Century.  He didn't commute as much this year as last, instead making up for it on the weekend and evenings allowing him to round out to almost 700 for the month.
  • Robert continues to ride during the week and of course the Thursday races all add up to a nice number.
  • Connie braved wind, rain, sleet, and snow by commuting despite the elements.  She was able to attend the Tour de Lincoln and some of the club recreational rides. 
  • Lindsay was in top form this year and was able to rack up the miles commuting and on some of the recreational rides.
  • Dave F. has a tough time commuting to work since he works from home, but he pulled in a nice number after attending the Tour de Lincoln and many of the club recreational rides.
  • Michael was able to pull in some miles despite going down hard on the shoulder halfway into the month.  He was able to attend the Tour de Lincoln and other club rides.
  • Brent is new to the club this year and got his miles riding the Tour de Lincoln, commuting to work, and attending club recreational rides.
  • David W. rode the Tour de Lincoln and spent most of his lunch hours riding the roads of Roseville.
  • Rob is new to the club this year and contributed much on his own by riding the roads of Roseville as well.
  • Chris attended the Tour de Lincoln and pulled hard to the end with Michael.  Chris was able to get in a few recreational miles as well.
  • Lisa continued to put in her early miles and recreational miles as well.
  • Kenneth is new to the club and rode with us at the Tour de Lincoln and other other club rides as well.
  • Laura got her miles in riding the roads of Roseville.

The other incentive they added this year was the challenge.  You could challenge another cyclist to see who could out do the other.  Another way to keep the interest up through the whole month.

If it wasn't for the Lodi Century I don't think Devin would have out did Connie in numbers.  Between Chris and Doug it was a close call to the last week and then Doug pulled out all stops and just went crazy on the bike pulling a long lead.

And last but not least was the prizes awarded each and every week.  Connie's dream continues for the all coveted socks.  Each week we would log our miles and wait for the list of winners.  The 3rd week into it we saw one of our club members on the list.  The coveted socks had been awarded to Lisa, better luck next year Connie.

Prize Winner of the Coveted Socks

Lisa Dye

Another big thanks to all those that rode during the month of May
and logged your miles in. Just maybe next year we'll break into the top 20!