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  Club Trip: Bike Commute Month 2007

May 2007

It wasn't just a trip, it was a whole month of trips, excursions, commuting, events, practicing, and a whole lot of fun.  The Bike Commute Month has been held for 3 years now.  Last year we signed up and tracked our miles.  We did pretty good.  We were usually in the top 50 or so.  But this year our club members are much more serious about cycling than ever before.  How serious?  Serious enough for us to almost be in the top 20!  We actually came out number 21.

Most of the club members participated in the Tour de Lincoln which got us off to a nice start but that's only a small piece of it.

As you can see Robert lead the pack with over 1,000 miles.  Of course it helps when you are training for a double century.  Robert was very successful in his century and his training.

Connie was gaining some serious ground as she commuted each week at least 3 to 4 times.

Even though Dave doesn't have a commute each day he still managed to get in as many miles as possible.

Devin was able to get in 2 to 3 commute trips each week and a little on the side.

David spent a lot of lunch hours riding the rails.

Michael is in training for upcoming races with his new team.

Lindsay had a real tuff break to begin with, literally a tuff break!  He broke a bone in his arm after he had a sudden fall or stop, we're still not sure which.  But despite the incident he still made a solid effort!

Lisa turned a morning warm up ride into a very strong number.

Chris is still riding and spinning despite his ailments.

And last but not least was the prizes awarded each and every week.  We all know that a certain member of our club wanted a certain prize and despite all of her efforts it just didn't happen.  It won't be the same but here is your prize.

Honorary Prize Winner of the Coveted Socks

Connie Hathaway