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  Club Trip: American River Bike Trail - 11/29/08

Journal coming soon.....






Stats for Devin Holmes
Max Speed: 39.6 mph
Avg Speed: 17.5 mph
Distance: 106.0 miles
ATM: 6:10:39 

Riders for this trip:
Robert Smith
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Chris Gale
Dave White
Doug Kelley
Brent Duff
Clint Cramer
Mike Hanegan
Zach Smith

Pictures from the ride:

Connie leads us out as we paceline... ...down Douglas Boulevard. It's a great morning to be out on the bike Chris checking his gear with David looking on. Connie and Zach at the top of the Trail Head at Beales Point.
Brent soaking up the sun at Beales. Katherine and Robert talking about what lies ahead on trail. Mike sprints ahead at Negro Bar. Setting up the paceline for a quick ride to the next stop. Katherine is ready for more riding.
Brent checks to make sure things are still true. Robert comes in to take a break. Comparing notes about the trail and what's next. Robert and Katherine finish with lunch.... ....while Mike, Devin, Brent, and Connie enjoy the conversation.
Clint and Doug are almost ready to go. "You did not just take a picture of me..."  Chris the funny man. Everyone is soaking up the sun before we hit the trail back home. Chris leads us home... ...with Robert and Katherine close behind.
Brent and Connie enjoying the view of the last piece of bike trail before we head for home. The final shot heading home....