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  Club Trip: American River Bike Trail - 10/09/04

Riders for this trip:
Jerry Dougal
Travis Manhart
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Chris Gale
Alex Brown
Dave Ferrell



Stats for the Ride:

Actual Time Riding: 4:47:59
Distance: 68.04
Avg mph: 14.10
Feet Climbed: 1,293


Pictures from the ride:

Unloading the gear on a cold morning. North meets south. How do you like my new jersey? How far are we riding? We're starting to look like a real club.
Can we come along? Darren and Family. Folsom Pond. The Official Club Jersey. Starting down the trail. The Club Peleton.
Along the canyon. Looking back at Negro Bar. Meeting up at the Fish Hatchery. Watch those turns. Devin concentrating very hard.
Winding through the Oaks. Jerry and Alex near Rancho Cordova. Jerry and Alex near Rancho Cordova. Connie and Alex near Howe Ave. Jerry and Connie along the Howe Ave area.
We're almost there. Finally Discover Park. The gangs all here. Chris reaching for a snack. Devin at Discovery Park.

Enjoying a well deserved lunch in Old Sacramento. Dave starting on the North Sacramento Loop Trail. Chris and Dave fixing flat #2.