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  Club Trip: American River Bike Trail - 09/08/07

It was another gorgeous day on the American River Bike Trail.  It started early at 7:30 am.  Chris met at my house and we headed out to meet Robert, Laura, and Dave F.  From there it was a nice morning stroll through Old Roseville.  The sun was just coming up and it was still a little cool in the air.  By the time we headed up and over the freeway at Lead Hill we were warmed up and moving along.  We made our way over to Douglas and down to Auburn Folsom Blvd.  At Beales Point we headed up to where the trail starts.  It was exactly 8:45 am and we were right on time.  I called Dave W again hoping that he was going to meet us there.  About 5 minutes later he pulled in.  Somehow we had just missed him from the starting point.  Good thing we waited.  As we got ready to go we looked out towards Folsom Lake and couldn't help but notice how empty it was, hopefully we'll get a lot of rain this Winter to make up for it.

This is the favorite part for a few of us, especially Dave F and Devin, why?  Because you get to go fast down the hill.  So Dave F and Devin took off down the hill like two crazy cyclists who never get to go fast enough.  With no one coming up the hills we were able to speed through the corners and into the straight away doing 30 mph.  For the next 10 miles the group was split into 3 groups of two.  Along the way there were many out jogging, cycling, running, walking, and those even on roller blades.

As we went along towards Nimbus Dam you could tell the water was much lower than usual.  At least 2 to 3 feet lower.  As we came up to the Hazel Bridge we passed a guy who had just caught a fresh salmon, it was at least 3 feet, he was carrying it with both hands in this towel.  Under the bridge and over the river we were heading along the fish hatchery.  Traffic was getting heavy with everyone out.  It was starting to warm up a little but it was still cool.

Coming up along the trail just under Sunrise we passed a group heading down to the river with a raft.  Can't be that many rapids today.  It was almost 9:30, Dave F would have to turn back soon, he had to be home in time for opening day with Soccer.  He would cycle with us until 10 and then turn around and head home.  

Before you knew it we were at our regroup point of William Day Park.  It was just before 10 am when we pulled in.  Only a few minutes later Laura and Robert pulled in followed by Dave W and Chris shortly there after.  After a nice 10 minutes break it was back on the trail.  

For the next 15 miles it was a smooth ride with each of us pulling, drafting, and moving along at a good pace of 19 to 20 mph.  As we went along there were some areas that were really dry, a group of fig trees had lost all of there leaves from lack of water.  As we headed out by Cal Expo we came around a turn and I realized this was the area that had been burned earlier this year. A large train trestle had been set a blaze and the area was ruined, including the bike trail that went underneath.  The trail had to be routed around the area and was a real hassle.  But now it's freshly paved, the trestle is rebuilt, and you'd never know the chaos that had been here just a few months ago.

Into Discovery Park we rolled hitting mile zero on the trail.  But we continue on, up and over the American River to the levee trail.  This will take you over to Old Sacramento and our favorite sandwich shop, Steamers.  It's 11 am and we're ready to eat.

The crowd is light and there are benches outside the shop now so we can all sit and enjoy the morning.  We meet up with Robert and Laura's daughter-in-law Marley.  It's fun to sit and talk about the ride as well as up coming events for us next month.

It's high noon and we're feed and ready to head home.  Rolling out of Old Sac we make our way down the paved street a few blocks to bypass the cobblestone.  We're back on the trail and over the bridge, down around the corner, and heading home.  We make a left and head North along the Sacramento North Loop Trail.  It will be a nice trail for another 8 or 9 miles.  

There is no wind today, so many times we've ridden this and had head wind, it's not missed.  We reach Elkhorn Blvd and take a quick break.  We've been keeping that steady pace of 18 to 19 mph.  Only about 8 miles to go.

We head through the back roads and make our way along over to Elverta Blvd.  We're back into traffic now on the bike lane.  Only a few more miles to go.  Left onto Walerga and it's the home stretch.  Robert and Laura peel off at the bike trail to head home through Morgan Creek.  Devin, Chris and Dave W are still heading up Walerga, turning onto Baseline, then onto Junction.  Dave W peels off for home.  Devin and Chris are bring it home.  All the way down to Park Regency and Devin peels off while Chris continues to Woodcreek.

What a day.  Another one for the books.  It was a beautiful day with no wind, it wasn't too warm, compared to what it's been in the past two weeks.  For those getting ready for centuries in the next month it was a perfect training ride.  Can't wait until the next time.  There will be more...

Stats for the Day:
Max Speed: 30.7
Avg Speed: 17.8
Distance: 67.6
Time Moving: 3:48:00

Riders for this trip:
Dave Ferrell
Dave White
Robert Smith
Laura Smith
Chris Trussell
Devin Holmes

Pictures from the ride:

Another beautiful morning in Roseville, CA. Chris, Laura, and Robert heading East along Douglas Blvd. So exactly how low is the Lake this year?   Wow!  That's low... Time to hit the American River Bike Trail once again.
Dave F leading the way.

Looking at the American River Bluffs just at the base of Negro Bar.

Around the Dam with Hazel Bridge in view.

And Dave F. heads back to Roseville the way we came

They look lonely.
Our regular pit stop at the William Day Park. Breaks over, back on the trail. Laura right on the heels of Robert... Dave W and Chris bringing up the rear. The American River trail with about 2 miles to go to Old Sacramento
I know someone is following me. Ah, lunch at last! Laura at Lunch. Robert getting ready to go. Lunch is over it's time to head home.
Laura reeling in Robert once again. Robert and Laura talk as we ride on the Sacramento North Loop Trail. Look ma no hands! Nothing but the open trail. We're in the home stretch now!