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  Club Trip: American River Bike Trail - 04/09/05

It was back to the American River for us once again on this beautiful Spring Day.  We really lucked out with the weather.  A bit of a headwind all the way home but that is expected on an afternoon ride home.  

Our numbers have been growing.  Michael has become our newest fledgling and is fitting right in with the riding style of most all of us.  Actually he only fits in with Chris who can climb a mountain with out breaking a sweat.  We're all jealous.

We'll be back again on the trail later this year and it will be just as good as it was today.

Riders for this trip:
Jerry Dougal
Travis Manhart
Connie Hathaway
Devin Holmes
Chris Gale
Alex Brown
Dave Ferrel
Michael Ferrell

Pictures from the ride:

Once again the start of the American River Bike Trail. Michael and Robert getting ready to go. Alex, Dave, and Connie discussing riding tactics. April rains bring lots of wild flowers. More wildflowers as far as you can see.
The freeway over crossing at Discovery Park. Looking at the bridge that will take us across the American River into Old Sacramento. Heading along the trail into Old Sacramento, Robert in the lead, Connie right behind. Robert, Dave, and Chris at the Steamers Sandwich shop in Old Sacramento. Michael, Chris, Dave, and Robert leading us home.