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  Training: Sierra College Loop - 02/06/07

Sierra College is actually quite a long street and has a number of different ways to get on and off.  Once you've been along it a few times you'll be able to come up with your own routes using it.  Here is one that Connie came up with and has been a favorite.

Starting in West Roseville you head over to Old Roseville.  Then you'll make your way over to the Miners Ravine Trail.  This is a 3 mile long bike trail with some gorgeous scenery.  There are a couple of forks in the trail, you usually keep to the left except for the very last fork.  You've already done a little bit of climbing on this trail.  Not too intense, just enough to get you started.  Once finished you'll be at the top of Scarborough Dr.  Now you're in for a real climb.  It's only about a mile long but you need to gear all the way down.  Once at the top you'll be at the intersection of Sierra College.  Take a left, pedal a bit to wind down and then it's a fast downhill ride.  You'll do a couple of ups and downs and soon you'll be over the Freeway.  For the next mile or so the road is the pits, actually the rocks, but it will get better soon enough.  From here you'll have a nice flat ride for a couple of miles and then it's another climb up the hill.  After some more ups and downs it's another fast downhill stretch to highway 193.  Make a left and then you'll be heading to Lincoln.  You'll wind your way through Sun City and then Start heading to Rocklin via the Wildcat connector.  The climbing is done, now you're on the home stretch using the all familiar Park Dr and Pleasant Grove Blvd.  Soon enough you're back home.  A good 32 mile workout.

Route Sheet Directions:
Starting at the Corner of Junction and Woodcreek Oaks head East on Junction
R - Washington Blvd.
L - Lincoln Street
L - Sierra Blvd
R - Yosemite St.
L - East Atlantic
R - Wills Rd
R - Harding Blvd
L - Miners Ravine Bike Trail
R - Scarborough Dr
L - Sierra College Blvd
L - 193 - Lincoln Newcastle Hwy
L - Ferrari Ranch Rd
L - Ingram Parkway
R - Del Webb Blvd.
L - East Lincoln Parkway
X - 12 Bridges Dr.
Turns into Wildcat Blvd.
R - Stanford Ranch Rd.
X - Sunset Blvd - becomes Lonetree Blvd
X - Becomes Fairway Dr
X - Blue Oaks Blvd.
R - Pleasant Grove Blvd.
L - Woodcreek Oaks
S - Back at Junction

GMAPS Route: 805873 
Distance: 32.5 miles
Pathways: mostly bike lanes, 3 miles of bike trail, some shoulder riding - good room.
Terrain: some hill climbing 
Difficulty Scale: 3 out of 5

Click here for a larger version of the map


Pictures from the ride:

Looking down Washington Blvd. Turning onto Lincoln Up and over the bridge onto Sierra St. Yosemite St. Heading down East Atlantic.
A right turn onto Wills After a left on Harding you'll see the bike trail on your left. The Bike Trail will go on for about 3 miles. You will have a number of bridges to go under like this. Always watch for foot traffic and animals.
    Make a left here to go under E. Roseville Parkway. Another Bridge you go under. Here you begin to climb.
More climbing. Still climbing. Keep to the left. After this one you'll keep to the right. Then a climb up the hill onto Scarborough.
Along Scarbough. Use the crosswalk to get the light to let you through onto Sierra College. Your first big downhill on Sierra College. A nice flat area. Now you begin the big climb on Sierra College.
Highway 193 heading towards Lincoln. Ferrari Ranch Road. Ingram through Sun City. E. Lincoln Parkway turns into Wildcat. Right onto Stanford Ranch Road heading home.