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  Training: Lincoln to Auburn - 05/29/04

For the month of June our big ride will be the Sierra Century.  Some of us are doing the Half-Metric Century will others are going to take on the Metric Century.  No one is up for the actual real Century, maybe next year.  In preparing for this ride we wanted to head back to the Hills.  So we started out in Sun City Lincoln to ride the loop that we have become so familiar with and then added a little twist to it.  

We met up at 8:00 a.m. and soon we were suited up and ready to hit the road.  We headed East out of Sun City and made our way over to State Route 193.  Once there we then headed West towards Sierra College.  As we headed South on Sierra College we started to head up hill and really got the muscles pumping.  Soon we were at Twelve Bridges taking us to the back side of Sun City.  After a quick down hill we were once again at the base of the hill that we have been practicing on for the last two months only now it didn't seem like that big of a hill any more.  Up and over and then back down and around to our starting point.  A quick 11 miles.


Stats for First Loop

Actual Time Riding: 0:50:08
Distance: 11.92
Max mph: 31.9
Avg mph: 14.2
Feet Climbed: 575

For some it was the end of the day, for others it was another short loop through Sun City for a total of 18 miles, and then for the rest of us we headed back out to State Route 193 and headed east for Auburn.

A quick note on State Route 193, it is a great road to ride on, until you get past Sierra College Blvd.  I had only ridden on this road up until that point and figured that since it was so good with a wide shoulder that surely it would be that way all the way up.  Could I be more wrong. About 100 feet past Sierra College Blvd. the bike lane didn't just shrink it was no longer there.  It wouldn't have been so bad if it was a sparely used road but it was quite busy, especially on a Saturday morning.  Most all of the cars were very accommodating except for someone's Grandmother who was very upset that we were on the road this Saturday morning.  

State Route 193 actually has quite a bit of Climb to it, much like the surrounding area it will have anywhere from 10% to 15% grades to it.  Finally we hit the peak and had a nice coast down hill to Newcastle and Interstate 80.  It was a quick rest stop at a convenience store and then it was time to head up Indian Hill.  I should have learned from the Tour de Lincoln to stay away from anything with the word Hill in it's name.  Instead it was a pedal pounding climb that went up about 600 feet in only 2 miles.  It doesn't seem like much but it is.

After we hit the top it was back down to the bottom and soon we were in Auburn.  We then made our way over to Taylor Road and headed South through Rocklin back over to Sierra College Blvd.  This was a part of Sierra College I had not been on, now that I have been on it they need to add the word Hill to the name of this part of the Blvd.

Soon we were right back at Twelve Bridges and going up and down the hills again.  Only this time the wind was starting to pick up making it a long home stretch.  At 12:30 pm we found ourselves back were we had started time to head home and rest for the next weekend ride.

Riders for the day:
Jerry Dougal
Devin Holmes
Connie Hathaway
Bryce Hathaway
Chris "Armstrong" Gale
Brent Kingsford
Travis Manhart


Stats for the Ride:

Cyclist: Devin Holmes
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 45.68
Max mph: 33.9
Avg mph: 13.7
Feet Climbed: 2,516
Cyclist: Brent Kingsford
Actual Time Riding:
Max mph:
Avg mph:
Feet climbed:
Cyclist:  Chris G.
Max mph: 40.6
Actual Time Riding:
Avg mph:
Feet Climbed: 2,516
Cyclist: Travis M.
Total Time:
Actual Time Riding:
Distance: 44.5
Max mph: 38.3
Avg mph: 13.6
Feet Climbed: 2,500
Cyclist: Jerry D.
Actual Time Riding: 
Cyclist: Connie H.
Actual Time Riding:
Cyclist: Bryce H.
Actual Time Riding:


Pictures from the ride:

Brent, Chris, Travis, and Connie Connie and Jerold. Chris and Brent on State Route 193. Travis and Chris on State Route 193. Looking back down Indian Hill.
Looking up at Indian Hill. We made it, Auburn, CA.