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  Club Training

Need some ideas on where to go and how long it is, take a look at these for some ideas.
Fiddyment / Foothill Loop - 11.08 miles Fiddyment / Washington Loop - 12.55 miles
Fiddyment / Stanford Ranch Loop - 20.25 miles Watt / American River Loop - 61.69 miles
10/30 Challenge - Need something different to do how about this one for a challenge. 10 Miles. Chili Hill Loop - You're ready for the hills but are the hills ready for you? 50 miles.
Sierra College Loop - Up Miners Ravine, down Sierra College, up Sierra College, around Sun City Lincoln, and back home.  A quick 30 miles to get you warmed up. Auburn Hills Loop - Just can't get enough of the hills, it's time to move up to Auburn.  Here is a 70 mile and an 80 mile option.